Ok I managed to download the latest U2U_update image file. I formatted my flashdrive for FAT32, copied over the image file as both U2U_update.img and U2U_Autokit_update.img, plugged the dongle into a power adapter, and plugged the flashdrive into the dongle. Nothing happens, the red light just stays red.
CarlinKit Carplay TBox SoftwareUpgrade steps:1.Format the TF card as FAT32, and copy the update.zip file to the root directory of the TF card.2.Insert the TF card into the product, and the system will automatically remind you whether to update and click update, The box will automatically enter the u
Download and upgrade instructions: 1) Prepare an empty USB drive, format the USB to FAT32 and download the folder from the link. 2) Transfer the .zip file only onto the root directory of your empty USB. 3) Rename zip file to "upgrade_pkg", format is .zip. Unplug USB from computer. 4) Plug in the MMB into your car USB,.
Carlinkit 2.0 frustration - firmware update & now everything is in Chinese. (Update: Resolved! Thanks for the tips.) Rather frustrated since I don't read, speak, or write Chinese. Purchased from official Carlinkit Amazon store and it worked great until I updated to the Jan 29th 2021 update.